If your existing content needs polishing, my meticulous attention to detail and excellent command of grammar and style can help take your project from good to great.

I work with businesses, authors, and students to turn white papers, annual reports, novels, and thesis papers into masterpieces.

Types of editing I offer:

  • Proofreading. The most basic type of editing, this service is meant for nearly-perfect manuscripts in need of a final search for typos and formatting errors.
  • Copyediting. Also known as line-editing, this intermediate level goes beyond proofing to look for grammatical errors, inconsistencies, redundancies, and may even include rewrites to improve flow and readability.
  • Developmental editing. Sometimes called substantive editing, this type of editing focuses on the structure of manuscript and whether the document works as a whole. For novels, it looks at the setting, timeline, characters, plot, pacing, and more. For other manuscripts, developmental editing may focus on the outline, audience, coherence, sourcing, and more.

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